Zombie Invasion

You must help the Villagers and kill all the zombies...
its a Map that you can easily build by yourself... you need the flans mod to play... (i would take optifine aswell for the zoom). i hope you are having fun killing the zombies :)


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Adventure Map; Zombie Invasion.zip (41.07 MB) 1.7.10 31.10.2014 3.612

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Zombie Invasion
Zombie Invasion

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Hinzugefügt am 31.10.2014 von ositos_LP

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Bärbel Schmidt's Avatar
Bärbel Schmidt am 6/12/14

wo macht man die map rein in den odner

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MaxLP's Avatar
MaxLP am 23/11/14

Sieht toll aus die Map. :)

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