• 14.04.2012
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  • GTA 4
Patch auf Version für GTA 4. Der Patch nimmt Änderungen am Multiplayer-Modus: Cheater werden nun durch neue Sicherheitsfunktionen bekämpft und ein Fehler im Spielmodus "Cops 'n Crooks" wurde behoben.
  • Convert all region SKU's into the same SKU
  • Include support for all languages within single exe
  • Allow controls to be double mapped on keyboard
  • Added option in controls menu to disable mouse controls in helicopters
  • Adjust keyboard control sensitivity in hood cam view in vehicles
  • Security Updates to deter cheating in multiplayer
  • Hosts can now immediately Kick users from their games in Lobby and in game via Cell phone without having to rely on peer voting
  • Fixed a bug in Cops 'n Crooks mode where Host would drop out and prevent remaining players from leaving game.

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